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What Is QuickBooks Error -6144, 0?

According to Intuit, QuickBooks Error -6144, 0 and the related error -6144, -103 are accompanied by the message “An error occurred while QuickBooks tried to access the company file”. They are caused by either: an incorrect path in your .nd file to your company file (.qbw) or damage to the Windows user account used by […]

What Is the QuickBooks File Doctor?

The QuickBooks File Doctor is a tool from Intuit that is designed to diagnose and fix common problems with QuickBooks data files and your Windows and network configuration, including: Data corruption Windows setup problems Network setup problems The tool has its limits. It only works with: .qbw and .qba files QuickBooks company files (.qbw) smaller […]

What Is the QuickBooks Migration Policy?

The QuickBooks migration policy is Intuit’s policy to provide a free upgrade to a soon-to-be-released version of QuickBooks to those customers who purchased the currently shipping version very close to the new version’s introduction.  The free migration period is about 60 days. Typically, Intuit releases a new version of QuickBooks in the last week of […]

What Are the Changes To QuickBooks Attached Documents For 2012?

Coinciding with the release of QuickBooks 2012, Intuit is making a variety of changes to QuickBooks Attached Documents, a cloud-based document storage system that has been available as an extra-cost add-on for users of QuickBooks 2010 and QuickBooks 2011. For QuickBooks 2010, Intuit’s document storage feature was called QuickBooks Document Management, and the changes impact […]

QuickBooks Keyboard Shortcuts

QuickBooks includes a variety of keyboard shortcuts to make your use of the program easier and faster. We’ve compiled them into a single sortable and searchable list, shown below. All of these shortcuts are based on QuickBooks for Windows. Here are a few pointers on making the best use of keyboard shortcuts: Our list is […]

How Do I Unattach a Previously Attached Document In QuickBooks Attached Documents?

From time to time, you may find that you’ve attached a document to the wrong list item or transaction when using QuickBooks Attached Documents. It’s easy to unattach a previously attached document in QuickBooks Attached Documents once you consider some Attached Documents basics: Unless you want to remove a document from online storage, you can […]

QuickBooks Attached Documents

With the introduction of QuickBooks 2011, Intuit rolled out a new cloud-based document storage service: QuickBooks Attached Documents. QuickBooks Attached Documents allows a QuickBooks user to attach an unlimited number of documents to a transaction or list item and store the attachments on Intuit’s secure servers.  It replaces the Document Management service introduced with QuickBooks […]

What Is the Source of Intuit’s Foreign Exchange Rates?

The source of foreign exchange rates in QuickBooks is Wall Street On Demand, a company that provides data and tools to the financial services industry. The question on data source for foreign exchange rates often arises out of a misunderstanding of how rates downloaded by QuickBooks should be used. These rates are only a guide, […]

What Is an Inventory Part?

An Inventory Part is one type of Item and is maintained on the Lists->Item List menu selection. See our article on all of the Item types supported by QuickBooks for more information. Generally speaking, Items are designed to pre-fill invoicing and purchasing forms. An Inventory Part represents an item that your firm keeps on hand […]