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How Many Vendor Addresses Does QuickBooks 2011 Support?

QuickBooks 2011 now supports 2 vendor addresses; prior versions of QuickBooks supported only 1. The Shipped From Address field is used on vendor purchase orders. The Billed From Address is used on bills and bill credits, and this address will appear when printing a check to the vendor. In effect, the Billed From Address is […]

What’s the New Paid Stamp For QuickBooks 2011?

For QuickBooks 2011, Intuit improved the Paid stamp to reflect the date the customer invoice was paid, as shown in the screenshot below. Unfortunately, a Paid stamp is also applied to vendor bills, and that stamp does not reflect the date the bill was paid.

What Is the New History Tab In QuickBooks 2011?

For QuickBooks 2011 and Enterprise Solutions 11.0, Intuit added a History tab to several key windows in QuickBooks: Enter Bills Create Purchase Orders Create Item Receipts Create Invoices Create Credit Memos/Refunds Enter Sales Receipts Unfortunately, it’s not included on the Receive Payments window. The History tab can be quickly opened and closed, and shows a […]

Are There Restrictions On Making General Journal Entries To A/R and A/P Accounts?

Yes, there are a few restrictions on making General Journal Entries to Accounts Receivable (A/R) and Accounts Payable (A/P) accounts. Normally, the preferred way to change the balance in an A/R or A/P account is by recording transactions, such as customer invoices or vendor bills. However, sometimes it’s more convenient to make a General Journal Entry.  […]

How Do I Change an Onscreen Form Such As Create Invoices To Show More Line Items?

Making changes to the windows of QuickBooks is easy. Let’s use the Create Invoices window as an example.  By default, this window shows just 2 invoice lines.  In this article, we’ll change the default look.  An important point to keep in mind is that you should not close the Create Invoices window until you’ve completed […]

How Do I Resort Lists?

Lists are one of the foundations of QuickBooks, and from time to time they can become out of order.  That’s when they need to be resorted.  Some common indicators that it’s time to resort your lists include: the list itself is out of order an element is missing new entries in a list appear at […]

How Can I Display a List of All Names?

In QuickBooks, Customers, Customer:Jobs, Vendors, and Employees are called Names.  In transaction entry screens, the selection of a Name is filtered to include only the type of Names normally associated with that transaction type.  For example, when entering a Vendor Bill, the selection of a Name is filtered to only include Vendors. Sometimes, it’s helpful […]

How Can I Find Out Which Reimbursable Expenses I Haven’t Billed To a Customer or Client?

To find out which reimbursable expenses you haven’t billed to a customer or client, click on the Reports->Jobs, Time & Mileage->Unbilled Costs by Job menu selection to produce the Unbilled Costs by Job report. For more information on handling reimbursable expenses, see our related articles on enabling automatically invoicing customers for reimbursable expenses, what distinguishes […]

How Do I Remove Some Expenses From the List of Billable Expenses To Be Invoiced To a Customer or Client?

Sometimes, after recording an expense as billable to a customer or client (in other words, it’s a reimbursable expense), you need to change it to an expense for which you won’t seek reimbursement.  More technically, this is called resetting the billable status flag. For more information on handling reimbursable expenses, see our related articles on […]

What Distinguishes a Reimbursable Expense From Other Expenses?

A reimbursable expense is an expense that you expect to invoice to a customer or client either at the actual cost or with a markup.  QuickBooks includes features to distinguish reimbursable expenses from other types of expenses and to track which reimbursable expenses have in fact been invoiced to a customer.  For more information on […]

How Do I Invoice a Customer for Reimbursable Expenses?

In order to easily invoice a customer or client for reimbursable expenses, you first need to make sure your QuickBooks installation is properly configured for this task.  Your configuration depends on how you intend to account for reimbursable expenses. For more information on handling reimbursable expenses, see our related articles on enabling automatically invoicing customers […]

How Does Quickbooks Handle Voiding a Check Dated In a Closed Period?

When you void a check, QuickBooks: changes the original amount of the check to 0.00 adds the text VOID: to the beginning of the Memo sets the cleared flag, Clr When you’ve specified that your books are closed through a given date, in addition to performing the above steps, QuickBooks gives you the option of […]

What Is a Group Item?

In QuickBooks a group item is a specific type of Item that is used to quickly enter a bundle of individual items that are typically bought or sold together where tracking the detail on individual items is desired. See our article on all of the Item types supported by QuickBooks for more information. It is […]

What Is an Inventory Assembly Item?

In QuickBooks an inventory assembly item is a specific type of Item that is the result of putting together a new inventory part out of a bundle of individual items to enable tracking finished goods separately from individual components. Normally, an inventory assembly item is used when separate raw materials are assembled, packaged, and sold […]

Can QuickBooks Print Checks In Currencies Other Than the US Dollar?

QuickBooks 2009 and Enterprise Solutions can print checks in currencies other than the US dollar (USD), with a few words of caution. Each time you attempt to print checks in a currency other than the USD, QuickBooks will display the warning screen shown below. To continue with the printing process, you’ll need to click Ok. […]

Can I Add or Edit Multiple List Entries In QuickBooks?

Starting with QuickBooks 2010 and Enterprise Solutions 10.0, you can add or edit multiple list entries by clicking on the Add/Edit Multiple List Entries menu selection on the Lists menu. However, only certain lists can be manipulated with this feature and not all fields on these lists can be modified. These 5 lists can be […]

How Many Custom Fields Does QuickBooks Support?

For the 2010 version (QuickBooks 2010 and Enterprise Solutions 10.0), Intuit has increased the number of custom fields and provided for data validation in Enterprise Solutions. Compared to 2009, the number of custom fields for Names increased from 7 (out of 15) to 12 (out of 30), and for Items it increased from 5 to […]