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QB Data Exchange

At some point in your use of QuickBooks, you’re likely to come across a circumstance where you need to update a large number of records. Consider these examples:

  • an area code needs to be changed for a significant number of customers
  • a manufacturer or product name needs to be changed for hundreds of inventory items
  • customer sales reps need to be changed to reflect territory changes

Unfortunately, QuickBooks itself only allows editing the records individually. It doesn’t have a “find/replace” feature that operates on selected records. Most common workarounds only operate on QuickBooks lists (not transactions) and involve using file formats such as IIF for which Intuit provides no official support. Given that mass editing of data could easily produce unintended consequences if not performed with care, the lack of an ability to perform mass editing from within QuickBooks is not unreasonable.

That’s where our QB Data Exchange comes in.

We have the tools to extract information from your QuickBooks company file and selectively change hundreds or thousands of records en masse – and then exchange the records in your company file with the updated records. Without an automated method like our QB Data Exchange, these records would have to be updated one record at a time in a long, slow process with a higher risk of data entry errors.

Normally, our QB Data Exchange can be accomplished in a very short time, resulting in virtually no down time. Once you give us some basic information on your company file and what you’d data you’d like to update, we’ll give you a firm cost and timeframe estimate.

To get more information on how our QB Data Exchange can quickly and cost-effectively update your data, just fill out our inquiry form.